Atlantic Mooring Maintenance Ltd. (AMML)

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Mooring Maintenance

Your mooring should always be in an insurable condition. With the AMML Mooring Maintenance Program, you know that your mooring is being assessed once every six months and repaired as needed. Since your mooring will constantly exceed insurance standards, we can email you a copy of your certificate within minutes of the request – no more waiting during busy periods.


You pay one low monthly fee. Even when your mooring needs repairs, you only pay the monthly fee. All parts and labor are included (with the exception of the weight and ground chain). We carry all mooring components, including weights and up to 2.5" ground chain.

For boats larger than 60’, pull out/hold off moorings, floating docks, and bow stern moorings, please call 238-0050 or email for a personalized quote.


Does this sound too good to be true? This short video explains how the AMML Mooring Maintenance Program works and how we pass on our savings to you. For additional information, please contact us.

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