Atlantic Mooring Maintenance Ltd. (AMML)

231 Middle Road, Southampton, Bermuda

+1 (441) 238 0050

Commercial Diving

Dock Construction

Resurfacing, fixing underscoring, driving piles, or building a dock from scratch AMML can walk you through the planning process and advise on the best solution for your water front!  

Marina Installation Maintenance 

AMML Specializes in the installation and maintenance of floating docks, wave attenuation, and sea wall construction. We currently are responsible for the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dingy Club Marina.

Under Water Filming Photography and 3D Modeling

State of the art camera equipment and under water 3D modeling of bottom topography.

Valuable insight by engineers who do not have to get wet.  Ideal for new construction of Marina's, underwater pipe lines, ship hulls, and government survey's

Installation/Maintenance of Out-Fall Pipe Lines

Experienced in underwater welding/burning and cutting, pipe flange connection, jetting and dredging even in soft sand. AMML is comfortable working in Hazmat  environment's.  AMML currently maintains the City of Hamilton, and the King Edward Memorial Hospital's Sewage Out Fall. 

Under Water Cable Laying/Shielding 

AMML uses cutting edge technology to lay cabling across bays and open stretches of water.  AMML currently is on call to maintain Bermuda Cable Vision's fiber optic cables, and works with an international Commercial Dive Company to inspect shielding on the Cable and Wireless fiber optic cable that runs across the Atlantic.